For detailed information about anaphylaxis policies in Canada, see Anaphylaxis Policies (School Boards, Provinces & Territories).
The following links provide information about anaphylaxis policies in Canada:
Canadian School Boards Association (CSBA): Anaphylaxis: A Handbook for School Boards (September 2001)
Alberta: Alberta Schools Boards Association Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy Advisory
British Columbia: Anaphylaxis Protection Order
  1. The Public Schools Amendment Act – Anaphylaxis Policies
  2. Child Care Safety Charter
New Brunswick: Policy 704, Health Support Services, New Brunswick Department of Education. (Look under Health and Safety > Policy 704. The appendixes are listed as separate downloadable documents.)
  1. Bill 3: An Act to protect anaphylactic pupils, also known as “Sabrina’s Law”
  2. Day Nurseries Act
Prince Edward Island:
  1. Minister’s Directive No. MD 2008-06 Procedures for Dealing with Life-Threatening Allergies
  2. Information Handbook on Anaphylactic Shock, 3rd Edition, Department of Education and the Department of Health


  1. Policy 4003 –  Administration of Medication to Students
  2. Policy 1025 –  School Nutrition
  3. Policy 1023 –  School Sale of Home Prepared Foods to the Public