These tools and documents can be used to better understand anaphylaxis and help keep people at risk safe.

Executive Summary *

This summary provides an overview of the key recommendations for the management of anaphylaxis.

Emergency Management of Anaphylaxis *

This flowchart provides a quick reference guide to the signs/symptoms of anaphylaxis and the recommended emergency protocol.

Action Steps for Anaphylaxis Management *

Adolescents and Anaphylaxis *

Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan *

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  • To access the pages needed to create an Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan, click Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan on the menu bar.

Anaphylaxis Policies (School Boards, Provinces & Territories) *

Common Beliefs About Peanut Allergy: Fact or Fiction?

Sample school anaphylaxis plan *

Letter from principal (elementary) *

Letter from teacher (elementary) *

*From Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings, 2nd Edition Revised

Position statements

Anaphylaxis Management and Public Venues
This position statement provides further guidelines on managing anaphylaxis, in particular with regards to public venues, and stresses the importance of patient self-management and education of the general public.


Epinephrine Auto-Injectors


There are currently two epinephrine auto-injectors available in Canada for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis: EpiPen® and Twinject®. The decision to have one device or the other is one which should be made by the patient (or parent) and their physician.  Click here for a letter from the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI) sent to the public school boards and public health units in Ontario.


Anaphylaxis training

Prevention First: For the protection of pupils with life-threatening allergies (eWorkshop)

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